• #1 Sign Up
    For Service

    The registration process takes less than 2 minutes. You will receive your own on-line account, which allows you to search for an advisor, to store financial documents (checks, invoices, contracts, etc.), to communicate with your advisor and to create a "tax history”.

  • #2 Create
    Your Tax-Profile

    The process of creating your own taxpayer profile takes more time, but this is the most important stage. It will allow you to choose an advisor according to your special requirements, such as: marital status, geography, income, etc.

  • #3 Choose Your
    personal Tax Profi

    The Pin.tax search system helps you to find an advisor who’s professional skills will allow him to prepare a customized tax return.

  • #4 Use Pin.tax
    for interconnections

    After establishing contact with your advisor, you can use your on-line account for the transfer of personal information. You will have the opportunity to communicate via chat, to exchange documents in any format, to use billing and online payment services. All of this is completely confidential and not available to third parties.

  • #5 Get Your

    After verifying personal information, your advisor will prepare your tax return. It will also be available to your on-line account. You just need to print, sign and send your tax return to the IRS. If you wish, we can do it for you.

  • #6 File Your history of
    tax Docs and Reports

    Keep all of your receipts, invoices, contracts and other documents that are easy to lose in your on-line account. Use our mobile apps: iOS, Android, Windows 10

  • Sharon, 27 Washington DC
    I ama single mom with three children. It is very difficult for me to find time to visit the tax preparation company. I really like that PinTaxis doing everything online, and I can communicate with my tax consultant without leaving home. This is the best service for single moms like me.
  • Shawn, 36 California
    I am a private entrepreneur for the last 10 years. I do not have an accountant and try to keep all my documents in order. Last year, the IRS audited me. I gave IRS all the checks, but many of them had faded ink. I'm not able to confirm expenses and I was assessed additional taxes and penalties. I tried to find an online service that could help me to keep all my documents. With PinTax I can do it easily. Their system allows not only to store, but also to sort the documents and I can doall my bookkeeping in just a few hours.
  • John, 27 Alabama
    When I spoke to the tax advisors before, no one could tell me at the beginning how much it will cost. Usually, the bill at the end was much higher than I expected. With PinTaxI can determine by myself the kind of service I need and how much I will pay for it.
  • David, 46 Georgia
    For several years, I prepared my own tax return, and every year the IRS sent me a letter with t violations and fines. This year, I found a tax advisor through PinTax. It was the first year,I did not have any problems with the IRS, and I got larger tax refund than I expected.

  • Start
    $Free Constant use With START you get:
    • Document storage to 5 GB
    • Actual info in taxation & HC Low
    • Taxpayer's notifications
  • Consult
    $29 per h Consulting Service for all Users
    • Personal consultation by Tax Professional
    • Working with User’s documents
    • Finding the exemption from ACA penalty, advice about HSA, IRA etc.

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